Thursday, April 25, 2013

Don't be that guy

Kevin O’Keefe recently discussed an issue that is unfortunately common in much lawyer-to-lawyer marketing, spamming.

As O’Keefe explains in detail, whether out of deliberate thought process or just an ignorance of proper internet etiquette, mass posting of material, constantly deluging groups with content of questionable value, and otherwise making a nuisance of yourself is a generally bad idea.

Think about it: most groups on LinkedIn, for example, exist (in theory at least) to foster professional discussion and develop relationships.  These relationships, in time, hopefully lead to a good reputation and referrals from colleagues – similar to real-life bar associations.  You  wouldn't show up at a bar meeting and interrupt other attorneys to hand them your card and a writing sample, would you?  Don’t be that guy on-line either.  

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