Friday, April 5, 2013

Start out right with the right software

The ABA's Law Practice Today had a recent piece which is key for newly solo attorneys to take heed of.

It's easy for attorneys just starting out to think that technology and case and practice management software can wait - after all, unless you're starting you firm having left another with a book of business, those first few months can be tough.

In the end, though, this kind of short term thinking can make your practice weaker - you want to start off on the right foot, and that includes having the right systems in place.  Grafting solutions later is universally more painful then doing it right in the beginning - and jury-rigged solutions pieced together from non-legal software and freeware might work when you only have a handful of clients - but you're not going to have a handful of clients forever, are you?

Online Legal Software is the kind of solution that more and more attorneys are finding works for them.  It lets you take advantage of all the benefits of the cloud while still being easy enough to understand without a computer science degree.  Is it right for you?  We'd be happy to have you take a look.

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