Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Office

Mark Bassingthwaighte, at Solo Practice University, recently had a posting regarding important issues to consider before entering into an agreement with other attorneys on sharing space.

Good points all.  For an attorney starting out, another important to consider is whether you even need an office at all.  After all, keeping overhead low is one of the critical steps in any start-up business and with modern technology, including cloud-based practice management software like OnlineLegal Software, you can practice from anywhere with a laptop and scanner.

That said, it’s not the right choice for everyone.  Some people can’t effectively work from home; and certainly, not all prospective clients would want to meet in a coffee shop or library.  It depends too on your location – rent for a simple office might be inexpensive enough in your region to mitigate the cost – whilst in a big city, the opposite is true.

What do you think?  Does modern technology alleviate the need for a traditional office?

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