Friday, May 31, 2013

Are you ready for (more) competition?

We noted with interest this snippet from the legal ethics blog, remarking on how more states are starting to think about the idea of letting non-lawyers perform certain legal tasks - a thought that may be terrifying to some solo and small firm attorneys.

While it is hard to argue that the current legal market is ideal (specifically in the mismatch between people who need legal services vs. people who are able to afford the same), having already (and continuing) to weather the increasing commoditization of certain legal services, solo and small firm attorneys would seem to be hit the hardest should such efforts come to pass - after all, the average person isn't going to an AmLaw200 firm to get a simple will or legal advice.

Moreover, the particular economies of the legal profession would make it difficult for a solo attorney to compete with a para-professional on price, even if they wanted to.  Given that these realities aren't likely to change anytime soon, what are you to do?

One potential savior is organization.  By organizing and mechanizing your practice, with software like Online Legal Software, you can have more time to make rain, to handle more cases, and to provide better customer service - really, it's the linchpin of any realistic strategy to compete.

Want to learn more?  Our sales team would be happy to give you a demonstration of how Online Legal Software can help you.  

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