Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How well do you know your tech?

Recent buzzing in the blogosphere was a demonstration that took place at the LegalTech West Coast Conference - showing that most BigLaw associates just don't know how to best utilize common computer programs and tools - costing time and money to themselves and their clients.

What is true for these associates is almost certainly true for most attorneys.  And that's a problem.  Leaving aside the potential ethical problems (which we wrote about before); the simple fact is that by not knowing your technology you spend more time doing routine tasks that you could and should be putting to better use -  be it networking, working on other cases, or simply spending time with your family or relaxing.

So what's an attorney to do?  Programs like Online Legal Software, of course, can help in some aspects, but the key is to take charge of it yourself.  Perhaps your local community college or library has classes on using popular software, like Word or Excel.  Or perhaps a younger colleague, friend, or relative, can teach you.

Like it or not, using technology is part of being a lawyer.  Treat it the same way you do other professional skills.

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