Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What does the surplus of new lawyers mean to you?

There has been much talk (and hand-wringing) about the surplus of new lawyers and the often poor job and career prospects these lawyers have.

There is no doubt that the legal profession and the schools that create its rank have much to think about - and that it may behoove potential law school attendees to examine why they might be considering law school.

Meanwhile, this is also a potential opportunity for solo and small firm attorneys - more lawyers means a bigger labor market and likely cheaper labor - so your contract projects or even full or part-time associate positions may be easier and cheaper to fill.

Of course, some of these new lawyers will start firms of their own - and while it's tempting to see them as pure competition, there are also opportunities to develop mentor relationships and long-term, find referral sources and grow a network of colleagues.

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