Monday, June 10, 2013

Virginia opinion on virtual law offices and cloud computing

The Old Dominion has issued an opinion on the ethics of virtual law offices and cloud computing.

The opinion is a broad discussion, almost conversational in tone.  Cloud computing is briefly mentioned in passing as falling under the aegis of Rule 1.6, wherein, (as should be expected for anyone who follows the general trend of the ethics of cloud computing), an attorney has a duty to act reasonably in entrusting her data to the cloud and being aware of the policies and procedures of the cloud provider chosen.

One particular note of caution is for anyone planning a virtual law office in Virginia who did not take the Virginia Bar - the commonwealth has particular requirements for attorneys admitted on motion and/or with reciprocity that could prevent these attorneys from using a VLO.

Overall, however, is yet another acceptance of cloud computing - and by a state known for conservative bar regulation, to boot.

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