Friday, July 19, 2013

California to look at the idea of limited licenses for non-attorneys

We previously told you about the NYC bar's recommendation that non-attorneys be licensed to help deal with un-met legal needs.  Now comes important news out of our most populous state, California, that they are recommending the same thing.

On the one hand, there is undeniably a large segment of the population that has legal service needs and cannot afford the services of an attorney.  Moreover, it's also true that the economies of the profession (namely, the cost of obtaining a legal education) make it almost impossible for private attorneys to meet these needs, despite what many would say is the overpopulation of attorneys in this country.

This said, it is also hard to imagine how the idea of a limited license doesn't spend and both further commoditize attorneys (and their work-product) and erode the economic justification, and perhaps even the raison d'être of the profession.

Being better organized and more productive can help the modern lawyer (especially those in the solo and small firm setting) compete.  We can help.  

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