Friday, July 12, 2013

Web-sites and SEO

We're always shocked by the number of lawyers who don't have websites and don't understand a lick about SEO.  Admittedly, if you're busy practicing law, these shouldn't be the primary focus of your life - BUT, the reality today is that many potential clients will find you by searching the web and people will draw negative conclusions about your firm if it's not online and you're missing out on good potential clients.

The nice thing is that you don't need to spent a ton of money to have a web presence - you can usually register a domain name (the web address people type in their browser to get to your page) and get a host (the company that holds your web-site data) for $50-100/year.

What your domain name should be depends on your location, practice area, etc.  It's common, of course, to have your name or your firm name, however, if you focus your practice in a particular niche or particular region, it might make sense to think outside the box and have a domain name that reflects such a concentration (alternatively, you can always register multiple domain names and have your niche names forward to a more "proper" domain).  Although there are many options for domain names, generally the most important (and most professional) is the .com ending (it is usually the most expensive, as well).  While you might want to consider other extensions, such as .biz, .net, and so forth, these are often seen as "lesser" sites more common with spam sites.

More to come...

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