Monday, October 14, 2013

Attorneys shouldn't ignore Twitter

Most attorneys don't like to market.  That's understandable, given that they went to school to practice law, not to be salespeople and marketers.

What many attorneys don't realize (until it is often too late) is that to succeed in law (at any size firm), you need your own book of business which requires sales and marketing.

Twitter, the micro-blog site, is one potential source of free and easy marketing exposure.  Many attorneys, to the extent they are on twitter at all, use it to cross-post their blog or other limited marketing ideas.  But if this is the only thing you are doing with it, you're missing out.

Especially if you are in a smaller community (or neighborhood-based), there is significant value in becoming a trusted source for local information - seek out local reporters, organizations, etc.  Follow them, re-tweet them, and you will almost always be rewarded in kind; moreover, you may find yourself receiving calls for comments and opinions and otherwise gaining free publicity.  And calls from potential clients.

We try to practice what we've said above.  You can follow Online Legal Software on twitter @OLSoftwareNYC.

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