Friday, October 11, 2013

Law blogs better than law review?

Back in law school, nothing was more prestigious than making law review.  Of course, once the student actually became an attorney, they realized that outside academia, few practicing attorneys could care less about the content of those law reviews, given how little relevance they have to the average practice.

In recent comments to the Wall Street Journal, no less than Justice Kennedy agreed with the common perception of law review, suggesting instead something that is of more importence to him and his clerks: the law blog.

The benefits to a lawyer blogging are well-known including, but of course not limited to: exposure to potential clients, establishment of an area, or areas, of expertise, and the ability to develop networks (including referrals).

Now, maybe that'll include a Supreme Court citation.

So if you're not blogging; ask yourself why?  For many attorneys, the answer is a variation of being "too busy," which often (but not exclusively, of course) is simply a euphemism for being unorganized.  Tools such as legal software can help an attorney in this regard, allowing them to better manage and organized their files and move beyond simply handling the crisis du jour to creating the groundwork for later success.

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