Monday, November 4, 2013

Stay safe and secure on the web (and no, we're not talking about legal cloud computing)

Attorneys are rightly concerned about security and confidentiality, after all, it is one of the primary responsibilities we have towards our clients.

This concern often manifests itself in (usually unwarranted) concerns about the security of cloud providers, such as Online Legal Software.  We're happy to talk about the ways we keep your data safe and secure, but that's not main point of this article.

Because what we often see is that the same attorneys who are skeptical about legal software in the cloud have bad internet habits.  A useful post from Google (via Futurelawyer) summarized some of the basic rules on how to stay safe on the web.

You might laugh at some of them, but chances are there are a few things you aren't doing.  And that's risky.  Scammers are increasingly targeting lawyers, realizing that they often make easy marks.  Don't make their job easy and tempt fate by doing the digital equivalent of leaving your door unlocked and open.

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