Monday, December 16, 2013

Reconsidering your marketing plan

Many attorneys use newsletters as a way to stay in contact with past, current, and potential clients and sources of business.  After all, they are inexpensive, effective (in that it provides an easy avenue to promote your firm and expertise) and different service platforms make managing the delivery of these newsletters easy.

Changes to the way Google delivers newsletters and other promotional materials, then, are an unpleasant development.  And, unfortunately for email marketers, that's just what Google has done (again).

In essence, after already routing much of this correspondence into a spam folder, it now is blocking images in the same, which are essentially, not only for formatting and design purposes, but also as the tags that allow the newsletter to be tracked and metrics to be complied.

For attorneys, the inconvenience is probably less, given that most aren't using their newsletters and other emailed communications as direct solicitations, but nonetheless, it may give you pause if you are considering (but haven't yet implemented) an email marketing campaign.

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