Monday, February 10, 2014

Don't overlook the power of appearances

A recent article by Keith Lee, over at Above the Law reminded us about some of the silly things we remember from practice and the impression it gave.

While we can't recall seeing a pleading using comic sans font, it wasn't uncommon to see pleadings and papers that were horribly formatted (spacing was often a big problem); that used multiple fonts (clearly indicating a cut and paste job); that referred to non-existent paragraphs or had the wrong party names (we still remember once receiving discovery requests for another case, but with our case's caption).

While these things are good for a laugh and admittedly, no-one is perfect, so the occasional typo or error is going to happen, these types of things happening more than once in a blue moon give the impression of your firm and your practice as a two-bit hack.  Certainly not the impression you want to give to the judge or to opposing counsel.

Take the time to proof-read (and leave yourself sufficient time to do so) and you will almost certainly find the rewards to be more respect for you and your work product.

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