Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Don't overlook the simple

Attorneys are often worried about security when it comes to cloud computing, but as this recent article from TechVibes point out, often the weakest link, to borrow a phrase, is the simplest.

How many of you have passwords written down on a post-it note stuck on your computer screen or under a desk blotter?  We've lost track of how many customers have laughingly admitted to the same or that we've seen on-site in an attorney's office.

Unless you have a photographic memory, however, this is a common problem - it sometimes seems every site requires a slightly different variation on a password, or requires you to change it often, or otherwise makes it easy to forget - thus creating the situation described above.

What's the solution?  Password managers can be useful, but at a minimum, try keeping the post-its out of plain sight.  Still not ideal, but at least then every Tom, Dick & Harry who wanders into your office doesn't have to even look to see them.  

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