Friday, March 7, 2014

Bill smarter, not harder.

Hourly billing isn’t fun.

But it’s also not going away, at least not completely.  One of the easiest ways attorneys can make it (slightly) less not fun is to record time promptly.

This seems almost counter-intuitive, since the classic way most people avoid things they don’t want to do is to put them off.  But by training yourself to keep track of time little-by-little, you can avoid the soul-crushing pile of time to reconstruct at the end of a week or even month.

Having this pile often results in bills being delayed, which, of course, is bad practice (and often creates receivable problems in its own right).

Recording time in this fashion can be done with a variety of media – paper sheets, excel spreadsheets, word documents – but the easiest way is to use practice management software, like Online Legal Software.  This way, the entry just has to be done once and you can save time and energy re-typing, re-editing, you just have to push a few buttons and get a bill.

Train yourself to record time promptly and you’ll soon find that hourly billing isn’t the demon it once was.

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