Monday, April 7, 2014

Network, network, network

Nice little piece from the Massachusetts Bar Journal regarding networking with non-attorneys.

Networking events with non-attorneys were always a good way to make connections, meet other business owners, and otherwise remain connected to a community (especially for a solo or small-firm attorney).  It's increasingly easy to find these groups - from traditional sources like the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, etc. to more modern groups from Meetup or LinkedIn or referral groups (if allowed by your local rules), such as BNI or Le Tip.

In our experience, you tend to have the best results from groups where you are the only attorney (or at least the only attorney doing what you do) and seeking clients in your general desired demographic (it should go without saying that if you're at BigLaw, a Meetup group isn't going to be worth your time, but if you have a small general practice or are just starting out, it often is).

No doubt, you're going to run into may people who have no need for your services (or no ability to pay), to lots of MLM types who try to sell you the latest snake-oil and lots of other useless connections, but the time involved is generally small (especially at the beginning of a practice) and you never know what might happen.

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